Press Release

Our participation in the ITB from 12 to 16 March 2004


This year, Al-Enaya enterprise put up a stand under the patronage of GHORFA (Arab-German association for commerce and industry) at the ITB Berlin for the first time. The international tourism fair ITB Berlin is the world-wide known name for one of the leading trade fair of the international tourism economy. This year about 10.000 exhibitors of 178 countries and regions were participated in the ITB Berlin and about 141.140 visitors were interested in seeing them. The ITB Berlin is industry meeting place, market place and pulse generator at the same time and forms the basis for the development of new ideas, for global thinking and goal-oriented acting.


In total, we can announce a visitor number of 180 at our stand.
During the exhibition, our representatives had the chance to talk to other exhibitors (Kuwait Airways, Royal Jet Airways, Qatar Airways, the Tourism Authority of Qatar and Lybia, and many more). In this discussion it became clear that more and more German tourists are interested in traveling to new oriental countries such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. This can be attributed to the fact that many Arabian countries prove their confidence to Germany by doing business with German companies constantly. This leads to a yearly increasing demand in the field of business but also in the field of tourism on both sides, the Arabian and the German.



Al-Enaya enterprise had the pleasure to welcome numerous important visitors of various companies and countries (e.g. Embassador of Jemen, representatives of the Kuwait and Oman Embassy, Oman Tourism Authority) but also politicians. The attendance of Dr. Guenther Rexrodt, the German ex-minister of economics and president of GHORFA, as well as of the secretary-general Abdulaziz Al-Mikhlafi was particularly pleasing.



For the future

Al-Enaya already looks forward to its independent participation in the ITB Berlin in the year 2005!



Please do not hesitate to contact the Al-Enaya team for further information!

The Enterprise


Al-Enaya enterprise is a service industry business, known as an international platform for medical treatment in Germany which is endeavoured to communicate with the Arabian and the European communities in view of health service. In co-operation with German specialists, Al-Enaya carefully worked out collaborators, who will stay at the client's disposal to fulfil their desires and to provide them with all manageable services such as assistance for general organizational and necessary formalities to simplify the access to German medical facilities, translation services, exact analyses of the patient's health problems, detailed compilation of a treatment plan and costs and a medical checkup after treatment in Germany and in the patient's country.



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