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step-by-step guide


step-by-step guide:


How does Al-Enaya step by step help you to recover your health ?


Requesting help: Please send us your personal und medical information. send it signed to Al-Enaya, either by Post or Fax. 3 days for processing needed by Al-Enaya,The processing fees are 300 € and can be paid by international money transfer.

Sending your medical records: we will contact you and aske for further details of your medical history, previous tests and treatments you have re-ceived. You will also be asked to send medical records and X-ray films which are relevant to your current medical problem to us.

searching for the best doctors, Your records will be analysed by Al-Enaya's experts together with leading specialists in different medical centers. an objective assessment of your illness can be obtained by combining the opinion of several experts. Based on this assessment, the best doctor and medical center will be chosen for you.

Treatment plan and cost estimate: then, Al-Enaya prepare a treatment plan and appointments with accommodation and cost estimates for you, which you may receive by fax or e-mail. Al-Enaya will suggest the doctor and medical center, it considers the best for the treatment of your illness.
We advise you NOT to travel before everything is completely arranged for you in order to save time and money.

Arriving in Germany: You will be received by Al-Enaya staff at the airport. If you need help during the flight or at the airport, Al-Enaya make all necessary arrangements with the airline. Immigration and other formalities will also be taken care of by Al-Enaya staff. You will then be taken directly to the hospital by limousine or helicopter.

Hospital Stay and Treatment: During the hospital stay you will be treated by Germany's most experienced medical experts, most of them Professors of international reputation. Al-Enaya staff will accompany you to your medical appointments and test to translate and explain the medical procedures. If you wish a personal assistant will be assigned to you while you are in the hospital.

Discharge from the Hospital: At the end of your hospital stay, Al-Enaya takes care of all procedures. Al-Enaya arranges your transfer from the clinic to the airport, all check-in and customs procedures at the airport and arranges medical support during your flight back home if necessary.

Follow-Up: After your return home, Al-Enaya takes care forwards all medical records to your doctors at home, translates and communicates medical results. follows-up the developments of your health by staying in contact with you and your doctors, supplies necessary medication and medical equipment and arranges follow-up medical tests and treatment in Germany.


Al-Enaya charges a one time processing fees of 300 € for the initial search and the cost estimation.







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