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The enterprise


The enterprise

Al-Enaya is a service enterprise known as an international plat-form for medical treatment in germany, It is a production of communications between the Arabian and the European communities in health services.
In Arabia, more and more patients are looking for top-quality medical advice and treatment beyond national boundaries. Germany’s reputation in this field is well known. Nevertheless, difficulties such as language barriers, general organizational problems and necessary formalities often deny patients easy access to German medical facilities.

Due to the political situation in the arab and islamic world the last two years many are looking to concentrate on dealing & co-operating with the europeans specialy in germany.

According to our company’s principle - First Class Healthcare in Germany - we will provide our clients with all possible organized service.



El-Sharkawy, M.Ali



Our Team

Set up in Germany, Al-Enaya is a future oriented & customer - focused management.

Al-Enaya’s basic principle is focusing on our clients as the center of our efforts. In order to be able to offer this service, our team is working 7 days a week, 365 days in the year.

Al-Enaya Team

Supervising Our Team people from countries like Kuwait, Qatar and other Gulf Countries, which can consider exactly the needs of visiters from this region.
Our experts in the firm will garantie a high quality service
Experience through years in this field with consideration of tradition & culture
Knowledge and respect of Arab patients and their ideology

Special Service for the care of women
Contacts to doctors in a variety of German hospitals offer us free access to information on current treatment standards and new developments.



Al-Enaya Health-Care





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