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Cancer & Choosing the best treatment for you:

When evaluating different treatments, the best treatment for your cancer should always be your first concern. But there are other things to consider, too.


Before making your final decision, ask yourself these questions:

Will I have to travel to receive treatment? Depending on where you live, you may have to travel to another city to receive treatment. Some treatments will require you to travel more often than others. If your treatment will require you to travel more, you may want to consider moving closer to your treatment center. Al-Enaya can help you find a temporary place to live while you are undergoing treatment.


Do I have the chance to participate in a clinical trial? In a clinical trial, you have the opportunity to be one of the first patients to try a promising new breast cancer treatment and contribute to research on breast cancer that could someday help other women. On the other hand, a new treatment may not be any more effective than standard treatments. Ask your doctor about the pros and cons for you.


What kind of social support do I have? Do you have someone to drive you to and from treatment? Is someone able to stay at home with you while you recover? Some kinds of treatment may require more support than others.
Which treatment regimen am I most able to follow? For example, if your schedule is flexible enough for a clinic visit every day for six weeks, lumpectomy with radiation therapy might be a good option for you.



However, if your lifestyle does not allow you to have daily radiation therapy, mastectomy might be a better option. Also consider issues such as child care, body image after treatment.


Nutritionists help evaluate your diet and help you plan your meals during and after treatment. Physical therapists can help you keep your muscle tone and restore your ability to move around if there are any changes to your body from treatment. Psychologists, psychotherapists can help you talk through your feelings. Pharmacists mix the complicated medications and check that you are getting the correct dosages.






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